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  • Cerrado Nov 2018
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  • Samplers  - 

    Planche Brocéliande la Mer – Seafood Broceliande Sampler

    Crab "chupe", fish croquettes, French smoked salmon, ceviche, fish of the day, pil pil prawns, and octopus skewers. Served with green sauce, tartar sauce and merquen mayonnaise. Served with toasted ciabatta bread, rustic potatoes and a seasonal salad. (2-3 people)

    Planche de trois ceviches – Ceviche Trio

    Tuna Ceviche: Red pepper, red onion, cucmber and lemon.
    Salmon Ceviche: Avocado, red onion and lemon.
    Conger Ceviche: corn, red onion, cilantro, goat chillies and lemon juice.
    Served with toasted ciabatta bread and a seasonal salad – Serves 2

  • Appetizers +  - 

    Tartare de thon – Tuna Tartar

    Avocado, cilantro, cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil, and a touch of merquén

    Carpaccio de Saint Jacques et Avocat – Scallop and Avocado Carpaccio

    Scallop Carpaccio with a Broceliande dressing, lemon and a touch of merquen. Served with a fresh seasonal salad and avocado

  • Soups +  - 

    Gratinée aux oignons à la Française – French Onion Soup

    Famous French onion soup prepared with butter, a touch of white wine and olive oil served with toast and melted cheese

    Crême de potiron – Cream of Pumpkin soup

    Served with croutons and grated parmesan cheese

  • Salads +-

    Salade Niçoise – Nicoise Salad

    Lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hard boiled eggs, green onions, black olives, anchovies, basil, and olive oil

    Salade de la Bresse – Bresse Salad

    Lettuce, julienned chicken, sliced ​​blue cheese, smoked bacon, avocado, fresh mushrooms, tomato, hard-boiled egg and Dijon vinaigrette

  • Meats +  - 

    All our main dishes are served with a side order

    Tartare de Boeuf – Steak Tartar

    Minced raw beef served with onions, capers, raw egg yolk and seasonings such as mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco (the ingredients are all served separately) and French fries

    Filet de Cerf – Venison Medallion

    Venison with a choice of blue cheese sauce or pepper sauce served with gratín Dauphinois

    Blanquette de Veau – Veal stew

    Veal stew with light cream, onion, carrots, fresh mushrooms, and a touch of white wine. Served with Basmati Rice

    Boeuf Bourguignon –Beef Bourguignon

    "Huachalomo" Steak stew with a red wine sauce that includes pearl onions, Parisian mushrooms and carrots served with boiled potatoes

    Tripettes à la Provençale – Nice Style Tripe

    Tripe cooked in a tomato sauce with smoked bacon, ​​Spanish chorizo, fresh mushrooms, onions, thyme and rosemary. Served with basmati rice

    Poulet à la Basquaise – BasqueChicken

    Roasted chicken with red, yellow and green peppers, onions, tomato, garlic, and a bay leaf. Served with Basmati rice

    Filet mignon de Porc aux Pruneaux – Pork Fillet with Prunes

    Oven roasted pork sirloin with yellow and green onion, pork broth and a Sherry sauce. Served with gratin dauphinois

    Filet de Boeuf – Fillet Mignon

    Served with a black pepper sauce or a blue cheese sauce (your choice) and rustic potatoes.

  • Fish +  - 

    All our main dishes are served with a side order

    Thon frais en croute de Sésame – Grilled seasme encrusted tuna

    Tuna prepared with chives, red onion and a seasonal salad. Served with quinoa.

    Cabillaud façon Tropézienne – St Tropez style Cod

    Sauce made with three peppers (yellow, red and green), touch of garlic and Spanish chorizo. Served with sautéed vegetables and boiled potatoes

    Merlu a la Martiniquaise au curry – Martinique Curried Hake

    Fresh southern hake served over sautéed tomato, zucchini, peas, and asparagus and served with a tasty curry sauce

    Filet de saumon au beurre – Salmon fillet with Butter sauce

    Atlantic Premium Salmon, prepared with butter sauce and lemon juice. Served with sauteed vegetables or Basmati rice

    Congre à la mode Biarritz – Biarritz Conger

    Sauteed shrimp sauce with a touch of soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. Served with Basmati rice or boiled potatoes

  • Pasta +  - 

    Linguines Française Carbonara – French Carbonara linguine

    With a touch of cream, egg yolk and smoked bacon

    Tallarines Sautées – Sauteed beef and noodles

    Beef fillet strips sauteed with red onion, yellow chili, soy sauce, chopped cilantro, tomato, ginger, and chives

  • Children's Menu +  - 

    Hake Fillet sauteed in butter Served with French fries or gratin Dauphinois


    Chicken Nuggets served with french fries or sauteed vegetables


    2 scoops of ice cream ( flavors: vanilla , chocolate , strawberry )

    Soft drink included

  • Side Dishes +  - 

    Boiled potatoes

    Sauteed vegatables

    French fries

    Basmati rice


    Rustic potatoes

    Gratín dauphinois

    Green salad

    Chilean salad


  • Desserts +  - 

    All our desserts are homemade and prepared with the best european and french ingredients

    Tarte Tatin – Upside-down apple tart

    Pastry baked over slices of fruit arranged in caramelized sugar, served fruit side up

    Coupe Pêche Melba – Peach Melba

    Peaches with raspberry jam and whipped cream

    Profiterolles au chocolat – Chocolate Profiterolles

    Puffs served with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

    Charlotte aux poires – Pear Charlotte

    A great classic French dessert! English cream mixed with pieces of pears and bathed in champagne cookies, served with raspberry coulis

    Créme Brulée

    French custard topped with caramelized sugar

    Mousse au Chocolat – Chocolate mousse

    Made with 70% chocolate and a touch of Cointreau (secret recepie of Yves, our pastry chef)

    Coupe Dame Blanche – White Lady Cup

    Vanilla ice cream dipped in hot chocolate and whipped cream

    And for our dessert lovers: Assiette de dégustation de desserts – Assortment of Desserts

    Five desserts chosen by our pastry chef Yves, guaranteed to delight your sweet tooth, to share between 2 or 3 people

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